Tenant Information

Property Condition Report

If you have not already, you will receive a copy of a Property Condition Report for the property you have rented. You must make any amendments necessary and return the document (signed by you) to our office within seven (7) days. If you do not feel any changes are necessary, you must still sign and return the document in the time specified.


Our preferred method of payment is via BPAY. If you have not been provided with a BPAY form advising of our Biller Code and your Reference Number, please contact our office immediately and we will provide you with one.

Rent Arrears

We cannot stress how important it is to always pay your rent on time. Please be advised that if you fall even one day behind, it is our duty to the owner to serve a Notice of Termination for Non-payment of Rent. If there is ever a time where you cannot make the payment on time, please phone and advise immediately.


If any maintenance is required, it is essential that you email or phone our office and report the problem. We have specialised tradespeople and some owners have their own preferred tradespeople, who will attend to any maintenance. Do not take it upon yourself to organise maintenance as you may not be reimbursed for the payment. Go to Maintenance Form.

 You can expect to be provided with a range of convenient ways to pay your rent

Breaking the Lease

Sometimes situations change and you may find you are forced to vacate the premises prior to the expiry date of the lease. Please ensure you understand your responsibilities with regards to the property and the signed contract, as breaking a lease can become a very expensive exercise.

Bond/Tenants Leaving

You must advise our office if any persons occupying the property are intending to leave. The issue of the bond & who is on the lodgement form is a major cause for concern. We can avoid any possible problems which may arise at the time of the bond disposal only if we are kept informed of all tenants movements.

New Occupiers

Please ensure we are advised of any new persons occupying the property. Before any new tenant moves in, we must be supplied with an Application for Tenancy form and have their details checked as the owner/s must authorise the addition.

Giving Notice to Vacate

Before you leave the property we ask, as a courtesy, that you notify us in writing 21 days before the vacation date. Remember – if you are on a fixed lease your vacation date cannot be before the lease expiry date unless you intend to break your lease – see above. Fill in Tenant Vacating Notification Form.