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Wembley Downs

Perth 6019

$1,042,000 ANNUAL MED. PRICE

Wembley Downs is an established suburb that enjoys proximity to the northern sector of City Beach. Part of the both the Town of Wembley and the City of Stirling, Wembley Downs’ development began in 1927 with the highest growth acceleration period experienced between the 1950s and 1970s.

Life in Wembley Downs

The local facilities and commercial businesses within Wembley Downs exist primarily to service locals. The Downs is Wembley Downs main commercial and retail centre and there are numerous recreational facilities that cater to sports like tennis and football. Plenty of public open space adds to Wembley Downs’ community feel, such as the Wembley Golf Complex as well as a number of parks and reserves. The local schools are Wembley Downs Primary School and Hale School.